Integumentary System

Our examination of the integumentary system will include study materials involving the development and composition of human skin, and a comparative review of the integument and associated anatomical structures in representative chordates.

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Things to know about the skin

1. Know the primary layers of the skin.

2. Know how the embryonic tissues contribute to the various parts of the skin.

3. Know the layers of the epidermis.

4. Know the cell types of the epidermis and what they do.

5. Know the microscopic structure of the skin.

6. Know the microscopic structure of a hair and nail.

7. Know the kinds of glands that develop in the skin and how they are different from one another.

8. Know the various scale types that develop in chordate animals.

9. Know the kinds of horns and other specialized appendages that develop from the skin.

10. Know how skin colors form and change in chordates.

11. Know the differences in skin characteristics in various chordate groups.

12. Know the variances, or phylogenetic trends in skin features, that are thought to be of an evolutionary nature.