Introduction Review Questions

1. How does a true coelomic cavity differ from that of a pseudocoelomate or the acoelomatic condition?

2. How do deuterostomes differ from protostomes?

3. Which animal phyla are protostomes and which are deuterostomes?

4. What three characteristics are shared by chordate animals but absent in non-chordate animals?

5. Which chordate subphylum includes amphioxus?

6. Which chordate subphylum has a notochord only in the larval stage of life?

7. Which subphylum includes the chordates with vertebrae?

8. What is a phylogeny?

9. How would you explain Von Baer’s Law?

10. How, by definition, are conserved traits different from derived traits?

11. What are the primary hierarchial levels of taxonomy?

12. How do lumpers differ from splitters in their views on taxonomic separation of species?